Notice of Fee Schedule Change

Pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1914(b), the Judicial Conference of the United States has approved the below inflationary increases to various miscellaneous court fees, and the Federal Circuit has approved additional increases to its local fees, effective December 1, 2023. An updated fee schedule will be available on our website as of that date.

Attorney FeesOld AmountNew Amount
Attorney admission fee$238.00 (including a $50.00 local court fee)$300.00 (including a $101.00 local court fee)
Certificate of good standing$20.00$21.00
Duplicate certificate of admission$30.00 (including a $10.00 local court fee)$50.00 (including a $29.00 local court fee)
Filing FeesOld AmountNew Amount
Docketing fee for petition for review and petition for mandamus$500.00$600.00
Docketing and filing fee for appeal from a district court$505.00$605.00
Docketing appeal from U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims$500.00$600.00
Copy and Records FeesOld AmountNew Amount
Search of court records$32.00$34.00
Certification of any document or paper$11.00$12.00
Issuance of apostille$47.00$50.00
Reproduction of oral argument recordings$32.00$34.00
Reproduction of electronic record not stored in CM/ECF or available on PACER$32.00$33.00
Reproduction of the record in any appeal in which no appendix is required$89.00$94.00
Box retrieval of court records from FRC$64.00 (first box)
$39.00 (each additional box)
$70.00 (first box)
$43.00 (each additional box)