Judicial Council

About the Judicial Council

The judicial councils of the circuits, commonly referred to as the “circuit councils,” were created by legislation in 1939. The councils play a vital role in providing centralized authority within each circuit of the federal judiciary.

For purpose of implementing 28. U.S.C. § 332, the Judicial Council of the Federal Circuit consists of all circuit judges in regular active service and is responsible for “mak[ing] all necessary and appropriate orders for the effective and expeditious administration of justice within its circuit.”  The Circuit Executive is appointed by the Judicial Council and serves as its secretary.

Council Members

  • Kimberly A. Moore, Chief Circuit Judge
  • Alan D. Lourie, Circuit Judge
  • Timothy B. Dyk, Circuit Judge
  • Sharon Prost, Circuit Judge
  • Jimmie V. Reyna, Circuit Judge
  • Richard G. Taranto, Circuit Judge
  • Raymond T. Chen, Circuit Judge
  • Todd M. Hughes, Circuit Judge
  • Kara F. Stoll, Circuit Judge
  • Tiffany P. Cunningham, Circuit Judge
  • Leonard P. Stark, Circuit Judge