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Entries of Appearance

All corporations, partnerships, organizations, or other legal entities must be represented by counsel before this court.  Individuals may be represented by counsel or proceed as unrepresented.  The court requires parties to identify whether and by whom they are represented at the very beginning of a case before this court.  Parties must also notify the court as soon as possible if there is a change in counsel or whether the party is proceeding without counsel.

Entry of Appearance for Represented Parties

Within 14 days after a new case is docketed, counsel must file an Entry of Appearance.  For counsel retained after the case is docketed, counsel must file an Entry of Appearance within 14 days after being retained or admitted to the Federal Circuit’s bar.  See Fed. Cir. R. 47.3(b)(1).

Counsel must use Federal Circuit Form 8A (pdf) to enter and to modify an appearance.  See Fed. Cir. R. 47.3(b)(6).  In addition to submitting an amended Entry of Appearance to change contact information, counsel must also update the information in PACER (external) to have it transmitted to the Federal Circuit.

Notice of Appearance for Unrepresented Parties

Within 14 days after a new case is docketed, an unrepresented party must submit a Notice of Unrepresented Person Appearance (Form 8B) (pdf).

As part of submitting this Notice, the unrepresented party will also elect whether to file or to receive service electronically.  Refer to Electronic Filing for Unrepresented Parties for more information.