Clerk’s Office

About the Clerk’s Office

The Clerk’s Office manages the court’s case docket and calendar; maintains and preserves the court’s records; provides courtroom support during court hearings; issues notices, orders, and opinions; administers attorney admissions; collects fees; and serves as the conduit for information between the court, the litigants, and the public.

Clerk of Court

Peter R. Marksteiner

717 Madison Place, NW, Suite 401

Washington, DC 20439

(202) 275-8000

Contact the Clerk’s Office

The Clerk’s Office staff are available to assist you during our operating hours of Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (Eastern).  Limited after-hours assistance is available for certain emergency filings only.

Case Opening, Briefing, and Motions 202-275-8055
Calendaring and Arguments 202-275-8035
Federal Circuit ECF Help Desk Request Support
PACER Help Desk (account registration, password retrieval, and case searches) 800-676-6856

Please note that the Clerk’s Office cannot transfer calls to chambers, and all correspondence and telephone calls about cases, including press inquiries, must be directed to the Clerk’s Office.