Unrepresented Parties

Individuals are not required to have legal representation and may choose to represent themselves in the Federal Circuit.  The Clerk’s Office has prepared a Guide for Unrepresented Parties to explain the various processes and resources available to unrepresented parties.

Register for Electronic Filing and Service

Unrepresented parties can register for electronic filing to file and receive documents.  Parties not interested in electronic filing can still request to receive electronic notification of court filings.

Need Assistance?

Please call the Clerk’s Office at 202-275-8000 or submit a request with questions or for assistance.  Please note that Clerk’s Office staff can only explain filing procedures and answer general questions.  Staff cannot tell you what documents to file (beyond what it says in the court’s rules), what to include in any documents (beyond what it says in the court’s rules), or assist with completing forms.

Before Filing a New Appeal or Petition

Before filing an appeal or petition to the Federal Circuit, unrepresented parties are encouraged to review the court’s limited appellate jurisdiction, which is different from the other regional circuit courts.

The Federal Circuit does not have jurisdiction over and cannot decide any criminal, bankruptcy, immigration, or state matters. The Federal Circuit also cannot hear appeals from decisions of other U.S. Courts of Appeals; appeals from other U.S. Courts of Appeals or state courts should be directed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

To find more information for Unrepresented Parties, see the list below.