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Edward Houry, Esq.

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4604 Demby Drive,
Fairfax, Virginia 22032
703 425-5526

Attorney At Law

Since retiring as Chief Judge in 2002, I have maintained a consulting and legal practice in contract and employment law. I am an expert in contract law, and have served as an expert witness. My employment law expertise includes wrongful discharge, benefits, post employment restrictions, and discrimination. I conduct employment dispute hearings for the Fairfax County Civil Service Commission; arbitrate securities related disputes for NASD; consumer-business disputes for Fairfax County; and provide pro bono legal services for Legal Services of Northern Virginia and the Fairfax Bar Association. I have the distinction of the first successful mediation of an appeal before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Chief Judge, USDA Board of Contract Appeals

I served as Judge and Chief Judge of the USDA Board of Contract Appeals. The Board has concurrent jurisdiction with the U.S. Court of Federal Claims for contract disputes. The issues involved breach of contract, default, fraud, misrepresentation, mistake, bankruptcy, and defective administration and specifications. I implemented ADR methods to expedite appeals, reduce costs, and achieve settlements. I applied the Federal Rules of Evidence and Procedure, ruled on pre-trial discovery disputes and motions, presided at evidentiary hearings, and ruled on objections to admissibility and procedure. I rendered published decisions in approximately 100 cases, subject to appeal by the Government or the contractor to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Deputy Counsel, Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)

I served as Assistant Counsel, Associate Counsel and Deputy Counsel of NAVSEA. NAVSEA is responsible for the negotiation, award and administration of contracts for the acquisition and construction of the Navy’s entire fleet, associated weapons systems, command and control systems, and equipment. NAVSEA also operates its own research and construction facilities. I provided advice and guidance to the NAVSEA management hierarchy and represented NAVSEA before the GAO, administrative tribunals, U.S. District Court, and in settlement negotiations relating to protests and injunctions against award, breach, default, terminations, bankruptcy, allocation of expenses, defective pricing, cost accounting standards, defective specifications, changes, employment law, environment law, collective bargaining, Congressional inquiry and FAR compliance.

Contracting Officer, FAA and NASA

Evaluated contractor proposals; negotiated, awarded and administered all types of contracts, including support services, launch services and major systems development and production contracts for aerospace and air traffic control systems.

Engineer, NASA and American Gas Association

Involved in construction of major test facilities for NASA. Performed R & D and tested various gas devices for AGA. Publications.

I graduated from Fenn College with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and I am a registered professional engineer. I graduated from Cleveland-Marshall Law School, and I am admitted to practice in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the District of Columbia and the State of Ohio.